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Trick or Treat: Halloween Spectacular at Europa-Park

Halloween   HorrorNights (3)

Prepare for a scare fest like never before as monstrous zombies, ghastly ghouls and bloodthirsty vampires awaken for another year of thrills at Germany’s largest theme park resort. From 26th September – 8th November 2015 Europa-Park opens its gates to the ultimate Halloween extravaganza, ensuring a frighteningly fun day out for all the family.

Bestowed the prestigious title of ‘Best Amusement Park Worldwide’ at the 2015 Golden Ticket Awards once again, Europa-Park has solidified its reputation as one of the world’s greatest theme parks. This Halloween the park is set to build upon this accolade by showcasing its unparalleled entertainment offering through an elaborate display of Halloween decorations and exciting events, guaranteeing an extraordinary atmosphere.

With around 180,000 different shaped pumpkins, 15,000 chrysanthemums, 3,000 bales of straw, 6,000 corn plants, spider trees and ghostly illuminations covering the landscape, round every corner there is a new autumnal adornment to wow visitors. Take a stroll through ‘Grimms’ Enchanted Forest’, where colourful pumpkin imps await discovery, or wander down to the gigantic 80m2 fruit dinosaur, made up of more than 20,000 apples and experience just some of the special features characterizing Halloween during Europa-Park 40th anniversary year.

Even the park’s rides will be given a sprinkling of Halloween magic. Looming proudly over the European themed lands, the world’s biggest pumpkin invites brave visitors to take a ride on the Pumpkin Coaster at breakneck speeds. With sparkles, scary music and mist, the ‘Feria Swing’ coffee cups in the Dutch area will also be transformed, offering a totally new backwards riding experience.

Those wishing to take a break from all the adrenaline charged attractions can enjoy the numerous themed shows. ‘Spook Me! The Europa-Park Musical’ is back for a second year, providing an eerily beautiful treat in the Teatro dell’Arte, telling an inspiring story of love, courage and freedom. Young visitors can also have their first supernatural experience at the Euromaus-Halloween-Show, or immerse themselves in the 4D film ‘The Time Carousel’ at the Magic Cinema, before heading to the spine-chilling Happy Halloween Parade, where monsters and all sorts of creatures of the night storm through the park.

However, for older guests the excitement doesn’t end there. Since 2007, Europa-Park famous ‘Horror Nights’ have left thousands of visitors shuddering in fear. Branded ‘Best Overseas Scare Event’ for the fourth year in a row, at the ScareCON Annual Recognition (SCAR) awards this year, the event reigns victorious against other Halloween experiences from all over the world.

 Picture realistic horror film sets with impressively lifelike monsters lurking in six uniquely themed escape houses and 3 scare zones where, through a combination of special effects and masterful makeup, the horror of the cinema screen is transformed into reality. Areas include the secret laboratory, a clinical cavern where live actors bring to life an army of crazed test subjects, ‘Nightmare-Escape’ where the villainous ‘Night Grabber’ lays camouflaged in darkness, poised to strike fear into the hearts of those who dare to enter and ‘The Cave’ a tunnel of enclosed passages entombed deep below the earth’s surface, hiding mutated monsters.

From here the terrifying journey turns bright technicolour in the ‘Big Shoe Casino’, a gambling hell where one armed bandits, jokers and clowns play poker against the background of cheerful circus music. Further along the trail, an Egyptian excavation site, labelled the ‘Undead Delivery Corporation (UDC)’ leads unknowing groups into a warehouse hiding an army of zombies, reigned by the park’s most haunting figure Master X. This avaricious leader also features in the final horror house, ‘The Mansion’, exclusive for ExpressPass guests. An immortal consumed by power, this tyrant’s challenging maze is the ultimate test of intellect, with a number of puzzles and tests ensuring exit is no easy feat.

Once these perils have been navigated its time to join the immortal, who celebrate every weekend and dance the night away at the park’s aptly named ‘Vampire’s Club’. With so many spooky options from day to night, it’s safe to say that Halloween at Europa-Park truly does offer something for everyone…


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