Hotel Video Production

We have the biggest network of film and TV fixers who excel at location management all over the world.

Hotel Video Production

PR MEDIACO offers global communications and representation services via our 360CO network. We offer 360° support, combining expertise with trust and confidence.

The Power of Video

Over 60% of people watch videos when choosing where to go and where to stay for their next trip. And by 2020, almost 80% of web traffic will be video-related.

Whether you’re looking to sell rooms, raise brand awareness or highlight a new service, a video allows you to showcase the best parts of your hotel. And since consumer decisions are often emotional ones, a video is a perfect way to recreate the feeling of being at your hotel.

How We Work – Two Acclaimed Companies in One

When you work with us, you get the expertise of two specialised companies. PR MEDIACO is the global agency that provides strategic and creative services, such as concept creation and promotion.

Concept creation is the first step to producing a great hotel video. Every hotel has the same ingredients – the challenge is putting them together. What type of hotel do you have? Who do you want to target? What makes your hotel attractive to your audience? The answers to these questions form your business and marketing goals. Then we can get to work on the creative side.

The NEEDaFIXER Difference

Once we come up with the concept of your hotel video, we pass it on to our sister company to work on the prep, production and post-production.

NEEDaFIXER is the global production house powered by the largest group of film directors, producers, fixers, location managers, crew and journalists, operating in 100+ countries. We make the most inspirational and viral hotel videos, and every single video we’ve produced has won an award.

Into the Spotlight

Once NEEDaFIXER makes your video, PR MEDIACO delivers the best promotional services in the industry. Our services include awards submissions and viral digital marketing, and our expert team will promote your story in a low-cost and powerful way to the right audience.

This year, our travel film Ras Al Khaimah: Beyond A Journey was named Best Destination video and won the Bronze Winner award for cinematography at the Telly Awards. The video also won the PATA Gold Award, PATWA Gold Award and Golden State Award at ITB Berlin. Within six months, the film hit over 1 million views on social media.

While many others claim to offer the same, we’re the only company that uses an all-in-one approach to tourism, global outreach and production support. With a devoted team of marketeers, directors and producers working for you, your next hotel video is sure to hit the market with a bang!

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