April 1, 2019 moister

First Dive Broadcast Aired From Earth’s Least Explored Ecosystem

First underwater live video sent from Alphonse Island in the Seychelles Ocean.

The British-based Nekton Mission research vessel Ocean Zephyr made a broadcasting milestone in the Seychelles ocean of Alphonse Island. Its first live underwater video aired concurrently from two crewed submarines and remotely operated submersibles using innovative optical-transmission technology.

The first multi-camera live signal aired 18–20 March on Sky Atlantic and Sky News in full broadcast quality on SKY News and SKY Atlantic. Through the technology, images were transmitted via the waves using the blue region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The first transmission came from 60 meters (200 feet) below the water’s surface.

Scientists from over 40 organizations are studying this never-before-explored deep sea for seven weeks, mapping the sea floor and dropping sensors to depths reaching up to 2,000 meters in Seychelles’ waters.

The exploration of the Seychelles’ ocean territory will record the effects of global warming and discover the region’s uncharted marine life. The project will train local scientists and provide an educational platform through the live feed classroom.

Seychelles is carrying out groundbreaking environmental work in other areas, championing marine protection in the Commonwealth’s Blue Charter and protecting 30% of its ocean by 2020.


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