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Family Adventure Holidays in Luscious La Gomera

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La Gomera, the Canaries boutique hidden gem, provides the perfect adventurous get-away for some much needed family bonding time. Just 50 minutes boat ride from its neighbour Tenerife, La Gomera boasts yearlong sunshine, unparalleled natural landscapes, extraordinary wildlife, secluded beaches, quaint villages and delicious gastronomy. Family holidays should be enjoyed to the maximum and with the island being full to the brim of exciting experiences, there are activities for all members to enjoy.

What to do?

For those who enjoy the beauty of nature, trekking through rural trails, and capturing ‘snap-happy’ moments, the islands Garajonay National Park is a must-see. The peaceful paradise received its name after the legendary tale of two lovers, who took their lives for love, a Romeo and Juliet parallel. This story in itself brings a magical, mysterious atmosphere to the park, and provides an educational tale to the experience.

Families can traipse through the luscious forests and encounter 2000 species of plants and many unique invertebrates, vertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and birds, including the giant lizard which can grow up to half a metre long! There are well-marked trails and knowledgeable rangers on hand at all times, to provide visitors with information on the parks heritage. For a spot of lunch, guests can visit the little village of El Cedro, just north of the Garajonay National Park which is home to traditional Canarian architecture.

Diving and Watersport activities on the island are a guaranteed fun-fuelled day out for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, there are plenty of diving options to enjoy within the island, providing endless hours of fun. One of the most popular beaches of the island, Playa Santiago, proves a perfect spot for families who enjoy snorkelling, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding activities. With over 92km of unexplored coastline, caves, & deep reefs the marine life of La Gomera is unparalleled. For the ultimate experience, guests can take part in a Night Dive, to explore the underwater world and encounter nocturnal species- a simply breath-taking experience! http://www.lagomera.travel/canary-islands/la-gomera/en/planning/activities-in-la-gomera/

If you would prefer to stay dry, why not take a stunning boat trip round the beautiful coastline and marvel at the scenic views La Gomera has to offer. Families can spend the day wildlife watching- witnessing impressive species such as ospreys, shearwaters, turtles, dolphins and even whales! Guests can also explore caves and unspoilt hidden coves.

The sea-life is of course a highlight of the destination, however there are endless sights to be explored on land. A family bike ride around the island is a must-try, guests can hire bikes from Valle Gran Rey, the legendary valley of the King which is home to terraced landscapes, numerous palm trees and colourful gardens- a must-see in itself. Visitors can ride up the rural mountainous road and explore impressive coastline views, idyllic settlements and bursting banana trees. On return, an afternoon dip in the atlantic followed by a dinner under the melting sunset is ideal.

La Gomera is home to many more exciting and cultural activities, including Clay Pottery making, Weaving, Golfing and Hiking. All actives are family-friendly, educational yet extremely enjoyable. Find out more at:

There are an array of beautiful, boutique accommodation options throughout the island, each home to unique qualities and characteristics. For those who enjoy incredible views, warm hospitality, sporting activities (especially golf), traditional highlights and much more, La Gomera proves the idyllic retreat. If you are looking for an authentic stay, visit the charming villages in the North, home to ancient, rural apartments tucked away down crooked lanes. For those sun worshippers who enjoy blissful views and endless golden rays, the Southern coast of La Gomera hosts many cliffside hotels, with unparalleled views of the ocean and luscious landscapes.

To find out more about where to stay, visit: http://www.lagomera.travel/canary-islands/la-gomera/en/planning/find-your-accommodation-in-la-gomera/ for excellent advice and booking information.


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