“Meeting demand by changing and customising their blends”

Paul Ross: “Coffee Island’s like a coffee shop in Hogwarts – Magical!”

“London’s newest trend”


“Brewing Perfection: Artisanal, Sustainbly Produced Coffee”

“Brewing Perfection…Success Under CEO Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos”

“21 beans tested – all of them unqiue and brilliant in their own ways!”

“If you love coffee there’s a danger it will spoil you for other chains!”

“Ibrik to Go? Coffee Island has updated the options”

“Never feel guilty again about indulging in a delicious cup of coffee”

“Passion oozes from every member of staff… close to perfection”

“Make your own custom blend-perfectly engineered coffee”

“Dry January Holds No Fear, Coffee Is The New Wine”


“5 Iced Coffee Concoctions to Try this Summer from Coffee Island”

“Seriously. Staff are genial and well informed”

“All The Gear, Plenty of Idea”

“Drink Your Health in Coffee”

“Top 5 Health Benefits of Coffee”

“Meeting demand by changing and customising their blends”

“If you love coffee there’s a danger it will spoil you for other chains!”

“Coffee nerds make new chocolate drink shocker!”

“Coffee Island has come to town to kick the industry up a notch”

“The latest coffee phenomenon…who specialise in the diverse fine art of coffee brewing”

“A special brew for you”

“Taste their intensely silky Espresso Speciality blend”

“The fine art of specialty brewing”

“Perfect for Coffee Nerds”

“We like this a latte! This is heaven…”

“A must visit for anyone who loves coffee”

“Addresses a growing demand for both quality and efficiency”

“This one’s unmissable for caffeine-holics”

“Some of the finest coffee beans from around the world”

“The best coffee place in London…a perfectly engineered coffee”

“Some of the finest blends from around the world”

“A unique approach to coffee roasting and production”

“An excellent launch event”

“A nice addition to the Seven Dials Neighbourhood”

“Time for a Personalised Roasting at Coffee Island”

“It’s perfectly engineered coffee that mixes scientific geekiness and a fondness of direct trade with farmers.”

“Coffee Island is a smart stop for all coffee lover needs”

“Is Coffee the New Wine?”

“Impressed by the elements that make up Coffee Island”


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