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What’s on in Winchester this Autumn: Festivals, Poetry & Coffee

Summer may be over soon, but the fun has just begun. The city of Winchester is hosting dozens of events this autumn to charm and entertain visitors. Now that the kids are back to school, here’s what you can do with your free time in the UK’s ancient capital.

Winchester Jazz Festival

Enjoy four days of amazing jazz performances in several venues across the city centre. A fantastic array of musical acts from the jazz world will show the rest of the UK what Winchester has to offer as a destination for the arts.

When: 20 – 23 September
Where: Venues across the city.
Go to the website for more information.

Winchester Coffee Festival

Calling all coffee lovers! Winchester Guild Hall, in collaboration with Flat White and Cabinet Rooms, is launching the region’s first ever coffee festival. 30 independent coffee shops and coffee cultural experiences will come together for you to enjoy.

Sample a variety of speciality coffee. Watch live demonstrations. Learn about the local coffee scene. Grab lunch at the street food village and dance the day away to a live DJ. The Coffee Festival aims to be disposable free with 100% of recycling going to festival goers for composting.

When: 29 September
Where: Guildhall Winchester, The Broadway, SO23 9GH
Session times: 11 am and 7 pm
Tickets: £15

Winchester Comedy Festival 

The Winchester Comedy Festival showcases the talent of a variety of comedians in several venues around the city. Laugh out loud to more than 10 acts on this year’s line-up. With this many jokes, you’re sure to find the funny!

When: 4 – 7 October
Where: Several venues across the city.
Times vary depending on venue and artist.
Prices vary depending on venue and artist.
Check the website for more information.

Winchester Poetry Festival

Don’t miss this three-day celebration of poetry drawing from the work of contemporary and modern poets from the UK, Ireland USA, Syria, Macedonia and the Caribbean. The first day of the festival features readings, workshops and talks. The second day will have readings by international poets from morning until late in the evening. And the third day buzzes with even more talks, walks and great readings. Winners of the Winchester Poetry Prize 2018 will be announced on Sat, 6 October.

When: 5 – 7 October
Where: Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street, SO23 8SB
Tickets: Some events are free but spaces are limited. Get your tickets in person or by telephone (01962 840440) from the Theatre Royal Winchester Box office. You can also book online by clicking the links below.

Friday 5 October – events and times
Saturday 6 October – events and times
Sunday 7 October – events and times

BBC History Weekend

Discover the Anglo-Saxon and medieval history of Winchester as BBC History Weekend returns to the ancient capital of Wessex for its third year. Featuring 30 engaging talks, interactive Q&A’s and book signings from the world’s leading historians and authors, it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

When: 5 – 7 October
Where: Two fantastic venues in the centre of the city. The stunning 13th-century Great Hall, which houses a famous replica of King Arthur’s round table, and Ashburton Hall at nearby Elizabeth II Court.
See the website for times and prices.

Keats’ Walk

Follow the footsteps of English Romantic poet John Keats. This self-guided walk follows Keats’ daily stroll during his stay in Winchester in late summer and early autumn 1891. The area has changed little since. You’ll walk through the Cathedral Close and water meadows to St Cross, passing the landscape that inspired Keats to write, ‘To Autumn’. Snack and drinks are available on the way, and there are plenty of picnic spots to take in the view. Approx. 2-mile round trip.

Where: Tourist Information Centre, Winchester Guildhall, High Street, SO23 9GH

ARTIST ROOMS: Agnes Martin

Be inspired by the works of Agnes Martin (1912 – 2004), whose career spanned nearly five decades. During this time, she became one of America’s foremost abstract painters. Her style reflected her deep belief in the emotive power of art. This exhibition draws from the ARTISTS ROOMS’ touring collection of over 16,000 works of contemporary and modern art.

When: Exhibition open until 7 October
Where: The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street, SO23 8SB
Tickets: FREE

See www.visitwinchester.co.uk to plan your visit.

La Gomera to throw Lustral festivities in honour of island’s patron saint


Once every five years, La Gomera sets a scene of colour and faith in honour of the island’s patron saint. 8 October marks the day when the faithful accompany the Virgin of Guadalupe in the most important religious event of the Canary Islands.

But this is just a prelude to nearly two months of parties. As the Virgin embarks on her maritime pilgrimage across the island, the capital of San Sebastián puts on its Lustral festivities. A full programme of events ensures a great time whether you’re religious or not. From September to December, the whole island will be celebrating.

The Descent of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Held every five years since 1872, the descent of the Virgin of Guadalupe sees people from all over the island and abroad praise their patroness. Dozens of boats guide the Virgin from her sanctuary in Puntallana to the bay of San Sebastián. Eager devotees carry the figure on their shoulders. Thousands march along, showing their love through prayer and song, to the beat of chácaras and drums.

The Madonna figure is carried to every community in La Gomera in processions that take place over several weeks. It stays for a few days in every town. Each village throws a party, where locals play traditional instruments and concerts fill the streets. After touring the parishes of the island, the Virgin is returned to her shrine on 12 December. There she will stay for another five years to watch over the Gomeros.

Lustral Festivities

La Gomera is known for its beautiful nature. This is a place to get away from it all. But tourists staying until December will be pleasantly surprised by how much there is to do. The gorgeously decorated streets of San Sebastián attract both young and old alike during Lustral. Even those who no longer live on the island return to celebrate with family and friends.

Before the Virgin’s descent, you can party with folk groups from each of the Canaries during the Festival of 7 Islands on 3 October. See a concert on 6 October performed by Juanes, one of the most recognised artists in Latin music.

The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra presents the legend of Gara and Jonay on 9 October. Similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet, this is without a doubt one of the most romantic Canarian tales of eternal love.

Like reggae and rock? The Reggae & Rock Festival on 11 October promises mellow moods, island roots and visceral rock riffs by artist Said Muti. Prefer traditional Spanish music and dance? Catch a mariachis festival on 14 October or a spectacular flamenco show on 19 October.

There’s a lot more where that came from. A variety of exhibitions and workshops are planned from September to December. This is an ideal time to combine the wild nature of La Gomera with all the fun of the Lustral festivities. Don’t miss the island-wide celebration. It only comes around once every five years. No matter if you’re visiting to praise or party, you’re sure to have a great time.

Learn more details about the Lustral festivities here: www.lustraleslagomera.es

Seychelles records 16% growth in UK visitors

Seychelles is in great demand for UK travellers, according to figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics. 17,286 British visitors entered the country from January to 2 Sept 2018, representing a 16% increase compared to the previous year.

Britain is the Seychelles’ fourth biggest European incoming market, after Germany, France and Italy. During the period of Jan–Sept 2018, the number of European visitors grew by 7%.

Seychelles welcomed 235,640 international visitors in the year to date, only 1% more than 2017. Yet, records from the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) show that the country’s first semester earnings have increased by 27% compared to the same period last year. These figures reflect Seychelles’sustainability efforts as a country that relies on tourism for 29% of its GDP. One initiative is to work together with hoteliers and business to eliminate the use of plastic by 2020.

Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Chief Executive, Sherin Francis, expressed her satisfaction that so many tourists prefer Seychelles as a holiday destination.

“Thanks to the efforts of all parties within the industry, we have been able to achieve amazing growth in tourism earnings,” Francis said. “For a small country like Seychelles, where we emphasise conservation, it is important to get more out of each tourist instead of relying on tourism arrivals.”

Arrivals to the Seychelles are expected to rise steadily as airlines place their bets on the archipelago. British Airways launched new direct flights from London this year. Air Seychelles increased the frequency of its services between Seychelles and Johannesburg. Edelweiss Air’s planned service to the islands launches September 2018.

Escape the Big City Chaos in La Gomera, Canary Islands

Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city? If you like trying new things, La Gomera offers a refreshing change of pace. Despite being the second smallest Canary Island, it’s packed to the brim with natural attractions and pretty little towns. These top picks are a great way to kick off your next adventure.

Garajonay National Park

For those who love the great outdoors, Garajonay National Park is unmissable. The UNESCO World Heritage Site sits covered in laurel forest, veiled in a cloud of mist, creating a world that lets your imagination run wild.

The mysterious park is a hiker’s dream. Walking paths are clearly signposted, and there are different routes to suit all skill levels. Wherever you wander, you’ll pass mountain brooks, waterfalls, bridges and ancient trees. There are also picnic sites and information points where you can stop for a break—just you and nature.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to take pictures of the Canaries’ native flora and fauna. Some species such as the Laurel Pigeon and the Bolle’s Pigeon aren’t found anywhere else in the world. But save some photos for the staggering viewpoints you’ll encounter on the way up. La Gomera’s highest peak, Alto de Garajonay, is high enough that other islands are visible in the distance.


Agulo is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in La Gomera. Traditional and charming, it was one of the first towns to be built on the island. Colourful houses, jagged cliff-faces and terraced fields compose the landscape. In the distance is a gorgeous view of Mount Teide, a magnificent volcano on the neighbouring island of Tenerife.

If you fancy even better views, you’re in luck. Mirador de Abrante is a glass bay window overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, 625 metres above sea level. 2 km from Abrante there is the visitor’s centre, Juego de Bolas. 300 m from Juego de Bolas is a restaurant serving great tapas and local food. Watercress soup, cheeses, grilled meats and homemade desserts topped in palm honey go well with the sights.

Between the food and the views, Mirador de Abrante has a friendly staff that’s always happy to show customers the Silbo Gomero. This ancient whistling language is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage that is the only one of its kind to be fully developed and practiced by a large community.

San Sebastián

San Sebastián is steeped in heritage. The capital was Christopher Columbus’s last port of call on his voyage which led to the discovery of America. Nowadays, boats dock in the island’s main harbour, and historical sites wait around every corner.

One site of interest is the Aduana Customs House, the first house to shelter the island’s nobility. It has a well dating back to the 15th century, from which Columbus filled his water reserves before heading over the Atlantic. Another historical site is La Torre del Conde, the oldest military fort tower in the Canaries, built in 1450 to defend against possible revolutions by the indigenous population.

The main street of San Sebastián is framed by cobbled streets and manor houses. A small promenade leads directly from the harbour to the Plaza de Las Americas, a popular meeting place lined with classic cafes, shops and restaurants. Next to it is the Plaza de La Constitution. Laurel tress of India, planted in the early 20th century, shade the entire square and provide fresh air, perfect for unplugging, enjoying a local snack and watching the world go by.

Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey is one of the best places to appreciate La Gomera‘s island spirit. Tropical fruit and banana trees pepper the terrain as an impressive gorge carves its way down to the island’s longest beach.

Along with the scenery, Valle Gran Rey is a great place to work on your suntan. Volcanic black sand beaches make for a pleasant stroll while deeper exploration can be had at diving sites such as La Puntilla and La Calera. Charco del Conde is the best natural pool for those travelling with young children. Playa del Ingles, on the other hand, is a naturist beach benefitting from nearby amenities plus spectacular views of the mountains, ocean and sunset.

Getting There

Say goodbye to the daily grind, fly into Tenerife and catch a short ferry or flight to La Gomera. Once you arrive, there is a wide range of accommodation to become your home away from home.

Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Centre Declared a Cultural Heritage of the State of Jalisco

Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Centre has been pronounced a protected Cultural Heritage of the Mexican state of Jalisco. The declaration was made by the state’s Department of Culture on the 21st of July via the official journal of Jalisco. The city centre is now an officially protected area with the rights and privileges of a heritage protected by state and federal laws.

The area of recognition includes the beginning of the Malecón, continues to the Romantic Zone and onto the historic Conchas Chinas neighbourhoods. Each area is of special historical significance to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and Mexico, as well as the essence of the port city, which is currently in the midst of celebrating its centennial.

According to the State of Jalisco, this proclamation is a further step to preserve the architectural elements and essential characteristics of the typical town on the seashore, one of the unique qualities of Puerto Vallarta, which has become known as the “most Mexican” beach destination.

“Puerto Vallarta’s historic centre is the heart of our city and a major attraction to our visitors and, like all world heritage sites, it must be recognised as an irreplaceable part of our legacy,” said Javier Aranda Pedrero, Director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board. “We applaud the actions taken by Jalisco’s Department of Culture and welcome everyone to enjoy this iconic part of the city.”

Much loved by the people of Vallarta and visitors, Puerto Vallarta’s centre retains authentic characteristics of a traditional Mexican town with cobbled streets and colonial architecture. Of particular interest are the Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the city’s central plazaLos Muertos Pier and colonial homes that date back hundreds of years. All of these attractions and more are located on the boardwalk and downtown streets, which for many reasons already was — official proclamation or not — a cultural heritage jewel of Jalisco.

Fly Direct

Book a trip to explore these must-visit Mexican attractions with direct flights to Puerto Vallarta International Airport, available via TUI from London Gatwick and Manchester or AeroMexico via Mexico City from London Heathrow.

5 Reasons Why BRAND NEW Kenshō Psarou is The New Celebrity Hangout

Having opened last month, Kenshō Psarou, located on Greece’s famous beach of the same name, has been speedy in attracting the world’s media and celebrities. Internationally-renowned star Paris Hilton was amongst the first to experience the amenities on offer.

In July, Hilton partied at the brand new Kenshō Psarou Lounge with friends, including fiancé, Chris Zylka, event guru Bronson van Wyck, film producer Mo Al Turki, global entrepreneur Bert Hedaya and the mayor of Mykonos himself. With A-listers flocking to the scene, what makes this swanky new hotel such a hit? Here are 5 reasons why it’s a must-visit this season.


Following in the footsteps of Kenshō’s first property at Ornos Bay, Psarou’s 30 rooms (including the 4-bed luxe villa) are designed with the utmost attention to detail. Each room boasts decorative touches not found anywhere else in the hotel. Yep, your room is totally original!

Head of Architecture & Design Alekos Kolovos wanted to create a feeling for guests that made them feel extra special during their time at Kenshō. With outdoor hot tubs, jet plunge pools, sea views and helipad heights – he definitely hit the mark!


The great thing about Kenshō: it’s the only property directly ON Psarou beach. You can step from hotel to shore in seconds. There are lavish sunbeds to lounge on, and waiters are on-hand to serve picture-perfect cocktails throughout the day. There’s no way you’ll want to move bum from beach.

Want something extra? Spa masseuses deliver first-class foot massages, which go down a treat with a margarita in hand.


Kenshō Ornos won numerous international awards for its gastronomic excellence; it’s no surprise then that the legacy continues in Psarou. Kenshō Psarou Lounge­­, with its grand lighting, boho-chic furniture and glamorous atmosphere, offers a menu designed by Mykonian chef Ippokratis. The concept is Mediterranean cuisine with a modern, artful twist: think aromas of Greece with Japanese influences and Peruvian flavours.


Nothing says a luxury beach break like a signature cocktail. And the Kenshō Psarou Bar is ready to quench your thirst and become the highlight of your Instagram feed! Furnished by renowned designer Riva, the bar displays sunset views across the ocean. Cocktails never looked so good. Better yet, the Kenshō Lounge pool presents the ideal setting made for a revitalising dip and drink.


The Spa at Kenshō makes it the first to be located on the world-famous Psarou Beach, which only adds to the exclusivity and prestige of the hotel. Now you can enjoy revitalising treatments, massages and therapies just seconds away from golden sands. Choose from not one, not two, but three indulgent menus, including one that caters to those who arrive by yacht. Nothing says A-list quite like that!

Kenshō Psarou is, without a doubt, THE hottest place to be seen this season. Book now and come mingle with the global elite: kenshomykonos.com/kensho-psarou.

Travel Back in Time in La Gomera: a Canary Island full of heritage

The island of La Gomera is the hidden paradise of the Canary Islands. With its spectacular landscapes, the destination is gorgeous any time of year. But did you know that the island is full of heritage? From UNESCO heritage sites to an age-old whistling language, there are many elements that form La Gomera’s rich history.

Historical Buildings and Architecture

Spending a day in the island’s capital? Torre del Conde, the best-preserved medieval fort in San Sebastián, has impressive military architecture to explore. It’s the perfect visit for the history lovers among us.

Built around 1470 but reformed in the sixteenth century, Torre del Conde’s main use was to defend against internal rebellions. Nowadays, the fort holds a historical exhibition of maps from the fifteenth century.

Besides forts, one of the oldest religious buildings of La Gomera can be found in the village of Tazo. This picture-perfect little chapel called Ermita de Santa Lucía is a traditional single nave chapel dating back to the sixteenth century. Tazo is also the place where the first conquerors entered the island.

Architecture fans will love the picturesque village of El Cedro. Located in the mountains, surrounded by El Cedro forest, the village shows off traditional Canarian architecture with its typical stone and masonry houses.

The church of La Asunción in San Sebastián de La Gomera is an authentic jewel, where Columbus and his sailors prayed before leaving for the discovery of America. Special things to look for during a visit are the Mudéjar coffered ceiling, the altarpiece of El Pilar and, above all, the mural depicting the battle against the English led by Charles Windham in 1743.

The Walls of La Gomera 

One of the most impressive elements of the island are the terraces of La Gomera. The island is dotted with terraces made by ancient inhabitants for agricultural purposes such as producing grain and cotton.

Also called the walls of La Gomera, the terraces can be admired from afar and contribute to the island’s status as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

La Gomera is known for being one of the most rural and authentic Canary Islands, and Garajonay National Park is a can’t-miss destination. Situated in the centre of the island, the park has an amazing evergreen laurel forest which is home to beautiful flora and fauna.  All these elements together resulted in Garajonay being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

Fancy going on a little adventure? Discover the large network of hiking trails the park has to offer. If that’s not enough, climb to the top and prepare to be mesmerised by the view at Alto de Garajonay, the highest point of the island with an altitude of 1,487 m.

Silbo de La Gomera

Located in the middle of the island is the monument of the Silbo Gomero. The monument honours the El Silbo language that has been widely used since immemorial times. One of the most developed whistling languages in the world, El Silbo’s main purpose was to communicate across the ravines and valleys.

In 2009, the whistling language was declared as intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Nowadays, this language is often used during traditional festivities.

While visiting the monument, swing by the nearby Mirador de Igualero. This lookout offers incredible views that take your breath away.

Visit  lagomera.travel for more information.



Abaton Stands for A-List Relaxation

Abaton Island Resort & Spa in Crete on the rise as 2018’s celebrity hotspot

What do Lucy Mecklenburgh, Ryan Thomas, Oliver Proudlock, Emma Louise Connolly and Chloe Sims all have in common? Besides being young stars with enviable looks, they’ve all been soaking up the sun at Abaton Island Resort & Spa. And nothing says VIP luxury quite like this romantic escape in Crete.

The Celebrity Hotspot of 2018

As a rising boutique resort, Abaton has lured up-and-coming celebs from UK hit series, including Made in Chelsea, Coronation Street and The Only Way is Essex. TV’s freshest faces and hottest bods have posted themselves lounging by lagoon-like pools and relishing couples massages at Elemis Spa.

Dining With a View

With five waterfront restaurants serving everything from lobster to local delicacies, Abaton’s cuisine scene is certainly star-studded. In July, loved-up couple Ollie and Emma celebrated a romantic holiday before getting engaged. The pair Instasnapped their summer views and supper spreads, with pork belly buns and tiger maki rolls from WOW Sushi & Steak as firm favourites.

Honeymoon Villas

Abaton’s honeymoon villas have been another massive hit with leading personalities. Fashionista Lucy Meck matched the look of her gleaming guestroom in a white bikini. No expense was spared as Lucy posed for selfies with her boyfriend, Ryan, and the two enjoyed the plush linens and premium amenities.

A-List Relaxation for All

The best part about Abaton is that the VIP treatment extends to all guests. There is even a personal butler at one’s beck and call for the villas. Why not experience the luxury life for yourself? Direct flights run from the UK to Heraklion International Airport. From there, the resort is only a 20-minute drive away!

Find your personal sanctuary at abaton.gr.

Alan Titchmarsh to Open Illumination – A Festival of Flowers

Celebrated gardener, broadcaster and author Alan Titchmarsh, MBE, VMH, DL, will officially open Illumination: A Festival of Flowers at Winchester Cathedral on Tuesday 4 September.

Perhaps most famous for his role as a gardener and gardening journalist, including TV appearances from Gardener’s World to Ground Force, Alan is no stranger to Winchester Cathedral. For a number of years he presented the Winchester Cathedral Christmas Carol Concert and has visited on a number of occasions as a Deputy Lieutenant of Hampshire and Chancellor of the University of Winchester.

Alan will officially open this year’s Flower Festival at a special Preview Evening on Tuesday 4th September, when guests will enjoy exclusive access to the spectacular displays which are in the final stages of being prepared. The event starts at 6.30pm on Tuesday 4 September and tickets (£30 to include champagne and canapé reception) are from the Cathedral Box Office (01962 857275; www.winchester-cathedral.org.uk).

Illumination: A Festival of Flowers will run from 5 to 9 September and feature a stunning array of flower arrangements inspired by the magnificent Winchester Bible, the largest and finest surviving 12th-century English bible.

This year’s eagerly anticipated Festival follows two spectacular and highly regarded flower festivals in recent years, and the Cathedral will once again be transformed by striking and fragrant floral displays.

Visitors will be invited to immerse themselves in a riot of colour and admire a variety of flower arrangements evoking the Winchester Bible’s exquisite illuminated initials and elaborate decorative schemes coloured with gold and lapis lazuli.

One volume of the Winchester Bible is currently on display in the North Transept of Winchester Cathedral. From next year, all four volumes of the Winchester Bible will be on display in the Cathedral’s new multi-million pound exhibition Kings and Scribes, opening in 2019.

Returning to the festival is Creative Director Angela Turner, having designed the Cathedral’s Flower Festival in 2013. Angela is a regular exhibitor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show and has won many of their highly coveted RHS gold medals. Angela’s flair and understanding of the Cathedral will result in a spectacular event. Most of the arrangers themselves will come from across the region of Wessex and Jersey NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arranging Societies).

“We are delighted to welcome Angela back to Winchester Cathedral for this year’s Flower Festival,” said Canon Annabelle Boyes, the Cathedral’s Receiver General. “I have no doubt that Angela’s skill and creativity will result in a truly unique and spectacular event.

“This year our Flower Festival is inspired by the 12th-century Winchester Bible, a medieval masterpiece and a national treasure. We look forward to seeing the exquisite decorative schemes within the Bible brought to life through the medium of flowers, as we share the story of the Winchester Bible with visitors from far and wide.”

Ticket prices range from £7 – £12 with a variety of concessions available (including groups of 15+) and can be booked via Winchester Cathedral Box Office on 01962 857 275 and www.winchester-cathedral.org.uk. A full list of prices can be found on the website.

Images: https://we.tl/Xp7TRk2C6k

There will be a media call on Tuesday 4 September; details and invitations to follow.


Media contacts at Winchester Cathedral

Simon Barwood – Media & Communications Officer
01962 857 217 / 07968 549 628 / simon.barwood@winchester-cathedral.org.uk

Catherine Hodgson – Marketing Manager
01962 857 227 / catherine.hodgson@winchester-cathedral.org.uk


Winchester Heritage Open Days: Free to Explore; Extraordinary Women; 13–16 Sept

Every September in Winchester, local volunteers organise more than 100 events to celebrate the history, architecture and culture of England’s ancient capital. Heritage Open Days are an amazing opportunity to explore new places and try new experiences, from walks, workshops and pop-up performances to exhibitions, living history and family-friendly activities. Better yet, they’re fun and free!  Get started with these suggestions.

Guided Tours of Winchester College

As lead sponsor of Heritage Open Days, Winchester College extends a warm welcome to visitors by hosting many wonderful events this year, including guided tours. Discover what is believed to be the oldest continuously running school in the country. Different tours offer something for everyone.

The hour-long guided tour concentrates on the medieval heart of the College, including Chamber Court, Chapel, College Hall, Cloisters and the 17th-century School building.

For book lovers, the 45-minute tour of the Fellows’ Library offers an exhibition of medieval manuscripts and an opportunity to see the study of John Harmar, one of the translators of the King James Bible.

When: All events at Winchester College must be pre-booked.

Guided Tour: Thursday 13 & Friday 14, 10:15, 11:30, 14:15, 15:30
Saturday 15 & Sunday 16, 14:15, 15:30
Visit the website for details.

Fellows’ Library: Friday 14, 13:00, 14:00
Saturday 15, 11:45, 12:45
Visit the website for details.

Where: Winchester College, College Street, SO23 9NA

Mary Sumner: Founder of the Mother’s Union
Presented by Dr Sue Anderson-Faithful

Follow the footsteps of Mary Sumner, founder of the Mother’s Union, a contemporary Anglican organisation with a worldwide membership of four million. This talk will explore Sumner’s life and how her ideas on motherhood, marriage and the education of her children were shaped by geographical locations and her network of influential kin and friends.

When: Saturday 15, 18:30 ­– 19:30

Where: Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street, SO23 8SB

The Suffragettes  From Hard Sell to Hard Cell

Presented by Professor Emma Rees

Join Emma Rees as she discusses the impact of winning the vote for women. In this talk, Emma will reveal parallels between the suffragettes’ struggle and the political world today.

When: Saturday 15, 15:00 – 16:00

Where: Hampshire Record Office, Sussex Street, SO23 8TH

Explore the Cathedral Close

Don’t miss this opportunity to access special areas of Winchester Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, including spaces not normally open to the public. Access to some areas will be weather permitting.

When: Saturday 15, 11:00 – 15:00
Show up any time at the main entrance. Allow up to one hour.

Where: Winchester Cathedral, The Close, SO23 9LS

Medieval Knights at the Westgate

The clank of armour and the clash of blades will ring out in demonstrations of medieval combat outside the Westgate Museum. There will also be show and tell activities upstairs in the chamber.

When: Saturday 15, 11:00 – 16:00

Where: Westgate Museum, High Street, SO23 9AP

Waynflete SingersConducted by George Castle

Hear this glorious choir present choral favourites in the surroundings of Winchester’s historic Great Hall.

When: Saturday 15, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00
Allow 30 minutes for each pop-up performance.

Where: Great Hall, Castle Avenue, SO23 8UJ

Anglo Saxon Winchester

Step back into history with Regia Anglorum to learn about the clothing, crafts and people of Winchester from more than 1,000 years ago.

When: Saturday 15, 11:00 – 16:00

Where: The Inner Close, Winchester Cathedral, SO23 9LS

Open Day at Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal Winchester, the country’s only surviving cine-variety theatre, is hosting a free Open Day for all the family. There will be live music from local talent, talks, displays, arts and crafts, face-painting and much more.

When: Saturday 15, 11:00 – 16:00

Where: Theatre Royal Winchester, Jewry Street, SO23 8SB

A History of the World in 21 Women
Presented by Dame Jenni Murray
Sponsored by Winchester College

For this special event, the Very Rev’d Catherine Ogle, the first female Dean of Winchester, will interview Dame Jenni Murray. The BBC Woman’s Hour presenter, journalist and broadcaster will discuss her new book, which looks at the achievements of 21 women who have made a profound impact on our world.

When: Sunday 16, 14:00 – 15:00

Where: New Hall, Winchester College, College Walk, S023 9NG

Extraordinary Women Exhibition
Sponsored by Winchester City Council

Celebrate the many inspirational women of Hampshire, past and present. During this festival exhibition, you can read the inspiring stories of influential female figures. The exhibition also features winning competition entries from Winchester’s local primary schools.

When: Daily from 10:00 – 16:00

Where: Great Hall, Castle Avenue, SO23 8UJ

Stay for the Weekend

Mercure Winchester Wessex Hotel is set mere steps from the glorious Winchester Cathedral – perfect for making the most of Heritage Open Days weekend. The hotel is open 24/7 and provides connecting rooms for families with young children.

Visit winchesterheritageopendays.org for more events and to book online. If you do not have internet access, you can book your tickets in person at the Winchester Tourist Information Centre. 


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